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Summer plans, reimagined. The Bvlgari Staycations, born from the union of the two words Stay and Vacation, are a collection of experiences designed by Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts for each local community to enjoy a well-deserved and luxurious hotel stay to regenerate.  Bvlgari Hotel Beijing staycations series offer unique experiences that lets guests get away without leaving the city. Those looking for a Bvlgari-style night away can choose from B.Together, an escape from the city that includes aperitivo and a garden picnic; B.Family, which features special kids’ amenities and activities; B.Indulged, which is a Suite stay with tasting menu and aperitivo; or B.Private, which includes in-Suite Spa treatments and a bespoke Michelin gourmet dining experience — with full respect to your privacy and social distancing. Available from 8th June to 31st August, the staycation series is a wonderful way to enjoy the best parts of vacation without boarding a plane.

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