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Mantis is a fascinating fusion of past, present and future. Embodying the magical, classic energy of clubbing, Mantis creates space in the present and uses technology from the future to guarantee you an unforgettable nightlife. Let your hair go to the very last point of access to the DIFC zone three nights a week. Enjoy the trendiest DJ sets blended with a delectable selection of food and drinks in a unique and impressive setting that will keep you coming back for new experiences. Our carefully selected cast of passionate entertainers are known to throw epic parties wherever they go. They know the music, they know what you like, and they are here every week to give you a party like no other. Answer the call of the unknown and look beyond the ordinary. Located in the heart of the Dubai metropolis, Mantis offers a vibrant cosmopolitan nightlife with an abundance of jubilant nightlife. Impressive sound and visual effects await you with the latest innovative and groundbreaking developments in the club world. Mantis is a very attractive destination in the Middle East, bringing together people with eclectic tastes and a shared love of music, nightlife and entertainment. Explore Mantis and let it open up to you. The best of Dubai’s nightlife will surely bring out the best in you.


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