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AM by Alexandre Mazzia is an address with bold dishes. In the city of Marseille, a chef shows freeze-dried Marseille products.
At this very elegant AM restaurant in Marseille, at 9 rue François Rocca, to be exact, cooking is first and foremost an art. The restaurant immerses you in a zen atmosphere with its minimalist décor, adorned with wooden elements and black and white tones to accentuate the contrast. The harmonious combination of sophistication and sophistication of the environment reflects the chef’s authentic cuisine. The chic and modern side of this place, like an art gallery, suggests that every dish for the chef is a work of art in which he puts his passion and his creativity.
Star Chef and winner of the 2014 Gault&Millau Endowment for Young Talents Alexander Mazzia delights in evoking all the senses with dishes that are as juicy as they are surprising. Chocolate eel, cassava langoustine with eggnog, smoked kombu avocado fermented with head juice, raspberry harissa, colonnata gambero rosso bacon… Alexandra Mazzia has boundless ingenuity.
Dressage with colors and graphics, requiring a whole talent, masterfully mastered by the chef. He perfects his culinary identity by blending seafood, exquisite spices and Asian and African influences. He likes to mix perfectly balanced textures. You will have different sensations and consistency of flavors in one bite. A crunch that pairs well with fudge, shades of warm, sparkling, velvety or silky, a harmonious combination of herbs and spices… an explosion of flavors and discovery awaits you.
With his small tongs, Alexander Mazzia applies his care for precision to the precise serving of dishes, for which he always provides the finishing touches himself. In fact, it produces an emotional, precise and bold cuisine.

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