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“Secret Room is a boutique nightclub concept born in the very center of Moscow. Secret Room Dubai is strategically located underground at the posh Five Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah. The Secret Room fingerprint badge is essential to brand identity. Carefully selected clients will do it. enroll a fingerprint, which enables them to instantly access the venue. The state-of-the-art sound and lighting has been carefully designed and integrated by an industry leader in the region, delivering high quality audio video to every client. Hip-hop and R&B music forms the basis of the Secret Room sound. Regular and famous DJs will explore all aspects of these genres, but also delve deeper into other soundscapes. ”

Welcome to the secret room. We have brought you an international clubbing experience unlike anything else in Dubai. Our unique space with breathtaking interiors opens its doors for you to experience the sophisticated feeling of home. The Secret Room family has carefully thought out every detail to make your stay in the club personal. The meeting point will change the way you party, from street-style graffiti at our underground entrance to exceptional creative interior design. Some serious magic is happening in the mysterious basement of the Five Palm Jumeirah hotel in Dubai. Forget the VIP valet or rolling the red carpet for your grand entrance. Get to the Secret Room in the most talked about way by driving a supercar right in the center. Designed for those who value exclusivity, never stand in line, and prefer guaranteed reservations at any time. The Secret Room offers the opportunity to join our family through our membership program. Our package tier allows you to customize your privileged access according to your needs.

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