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Shanghai Me is the epitome of Art Deco elegance located in the Dubai International Financial Center. Showcasing the glamor and depth of Shanghai’s history, we have created a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere designed to ensure that every visitor can experience life under the dynasties. Designed by renowned architect Michel Bonan, a beautiful terrace planted with bamboo and banana trees resembles the green jungle of Asia, a luxurious lounge and an exclusive private dining table pay homage to the forbidden parties of the golden age, and the cuisine offers a taste of Asian tradition. Our cuisine is inspired by the culinary traditions of East Asia, the precision and practice of preparing gourmet dishes that have taken centuries to perfect. The rich heritage of the region can be seen in our menu, which features recipes that have been preserved from generation to generation in a playful style.

With a hidden private dining table, secluded living room and outdoor terrace, we offer a personalized event service tailored to your needs. Offering an exclusive and secluded private dining room, we cater to large groups, corporate orders and celebrations with the luxury of your own continuous space. Large scale events, industry previews, round tables and corporate meetings can be organized in our beautiful living room or on the bamboo-filled terrace. With 394 seats across the entire venue, we can create separate areas for individual events.


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