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Space integrity across public or private events, regardless of the scale requires both a studious and practical balance. Physical security presence should be discreet but visible in a manner that instills confidence, is welcoming and helpful whilst being aware and responsive at the same time. We work directly with the event organizing teams to ensure that.

Security and safety is at the core of every evolution, we plan to mitigate potential risks and we integrate seamlessly to ensure security for you and all those important to you. Our history in events is varied; operating from personal and private events, small public speaking seminars and major VIP hospitality events such as the London 2012 Olympics, major sponsor VIP hospitality program, the festival of Cinema in Rio Janeiro and the Paris Airshow « Le Bourget » 2018.
Winston Churchill «Let our advance working become advance thinking and planning»
«Plans are nothing; planning is everything» Dwight D. Eisenhower