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Jardin des Sens - A culinary escape from perfection - a restaurant in a hotel, not a hotel restaurant, architectural monuments with original decor - wonderful frescoes - an exciting, peaceful place that takes you to another world, to the eternal 17th century. Without leaving today's world, thanks to gastronomy. Here history and cuisine merge in great and beautiful harmony. Jacques and Laurent Pourcelle and Olivier Chateau have brought to life the codes of high gastronomy and excellent sommeliers, good living and elegance that have always reigned in these historic places and miraculously awaken for you. A new adventure for inventive chefs and transmitters of flavors and aromas, inspired, creative people with spirit and sincerity who make people tasteful.
MICHELIN guide's point of view.
Five years after the project was first announced, Jacques and Laurent Pourcelle have finally opened their Garden of the Senses at the Richer de Belleval Hotel. This superb setting is the perfect backdrop for reinvented Gallic recipes in which every last detail is paramount, living up to the reputation of the Montpellier twins.

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Jardin Des Sens

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